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The barometrical city of Edinburgh is best investigated around evening time, when stories of secret and murder are at their generally terrifying. Find the clouded side of Scotland’s capital on a chronicled strolling visit that covers Edinburgh’s sullen past. Wind your direction through the cobbled roads of Colton Hill, North Bridge, and Canongate burial ground, which are all distant by mentor transport or vehicle, and pay attention to stories that emphasis on torment, conspiracy, and passing.


1) The World-Famous Underground Ghost Tour: Edinburgh.

At street level, Edinburgh is a peaceful and pretty city—but the subterranean tunnels below tell an entirely different story. On this ghostly walking tour, explore historic sites including Greyfriars Kirkyard and St. Giles’ Cathedral with your enthusiastic guide, and hear chilling tales of murder and revenge.


2) Ghost Bus Tour of Edinburgh.

For a deathly creepy ghost tour, you need a great guide. Join your terrifying conductor aboard a vintage Route master double-decker bus for an Edinburgh ghost tour with a difference. As you travel past eerie sights like Grass market, the Royal Mile, Greyfriars Kirk, and Edinburgh Castle, thrill to gory anecdotes from the city’s chilling past.


3) Small Group Ghostly Underground Vaults Tour in Edinburgh with Private Option.

Discover parts of Edinburgh that are usually off limits during a ghost tour that takes you to the underground vaults that lie beneath the Old Town. Designed with ghost hunters and thrill seekers in mind, this Spooktacular tour includes exclusive access to the Blair Street vaults and promises no manufactured scares, therefore ensuring that all supernatural occurrences are genuine.


4) Haunted Vaults and Graveyard Walking Tour in Edinburgh.

If you’re entranced by the paranormal, look no further than this adults-only ghost tour that unlocks access to Edinburgh’s darkest places. Led by your fearless guide, venture in search of the undead into ancient Greyfriars Kirkyard, known as the most haunted cemetery in the world. Brave a sinister encounter in the Haunted Vault and learn the mysteries of the city’s dark past.


5) Edinburgh – Dark History.

Ah, Edinburgh! They don’t call it “The Jekyll & Hyde City” for nothing. During the day, a respectable figure, with its astonishing architecture and wondrous history. But when the sun sets, it tells an entirely different story… Hear all about the darker history of Edinburgh: murderers, thieves, cannibals, hangings and decapitations, witches, the Plague and streams of human waste. Learn about the most notorious citizens of Edinburgh and how ghost stories are born.


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