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The first turbine flow meter was invented by Reinhard Woltman way back in 1790. He arrived up with the notion in reaction to a require of finding out loss of h2o flow velocity in open up canals. Given that then, the turbine stream meter has witnessed many improvements in phrases of technologies. Nonetheless, the first design persists a lot more or significantly less and is nonetheless the favored circulation meter when it will come to measuring the stream of drinking water in massive quantities. It is known as the Woltman flow meter.

Later developments in the technology have resulted in the generation of eight various varieties of turbine flow meters. Whilst some of the flowmeters have been named following the sort of h2o wheels on which they are dependent, some others are named right after the technology. Broadly speaking, subsequent are the distinct types of turbine circulation meters currently in use:

Pelton Wheel

Based on the unique Pelton wheel that was employed to turn turbines making use of flowing water, the Pelton wheel has buckets hooked up to the outside the house of wheel. When water or liquid hits these buckets, the wheel commences rotating. The Pelton wheel turbine flowmeter has a related setup in a more compact frame and is employed to evaluate the stream of lower viscosity liquids that are flowing at slow prices.

Paddle Wheel

Paddle Wheel movement meters are again based on the design and style of a drinking water wheel. These kinds of flowmeters have shafts that are positioned at appropriate angles to the circulation stream. The shafts are hooked up to a light-weight paddle wheel that rotates as the flow moves the shafts. The speed of rotation of the paddle wheel is proportionate to the flow pace of the liquid. Paddle wheel movement meters are more efficient for minimal-velocity flows.


Propeller flowmeters are based on the basic principle of the propeller turbine, which is utilised in the generation of hydroelectric power. Invented by Forrest Nagler in 1916, a propeller turbine has among 3 and 6 blades and seems similar to the wood propeller located in boats. The blades are mounted and rotate about a central axis. Propeller flowmeters have a main gain in the sort of their less blades, which makes them far more immune to injury from particles. They are also really lower cost and do not demand any electric offer to evaluate the stream fee.


Woltman meters are the first turbine flow meters invented and keep on to be used broadly in municipal and industrial water applications for the measurement of movement rates of big volumes of drinking water. These meters deliver extremely correct readings as their axis is aligned in line with the direction of stream.

Solitary Jet

One Jet flowmeters consist of a set of blades set right in the path of a stream or jet of drinking water inside of a pipe. The stream or jet is produced utilizing an orifice. This sort of kinds of meters are mainly used for billing purposes in residential and industrial water source functions.


Based mostly on the identical principle as Solitary Jet flowmeters, multi-jet flowmeters immediate water from a number of orifices on to blades to make them rotate around a central axis. Multi-jet h2o meters are also employed for household and professional water supply billing reasons.


A Compound flow meter is a cross between a normal turbine flowmeter and a constructive displacement meter. It has both a turbine and a good displacement ingredient. When wireless water meter is higher, it is calculated employing the rotation velocity of the turbine. Low movement rate on the other hand is measured making use of the displacement element. These types of hybrid meters are broadly utilized for measuring drinking water circulation rates in condominium properties that have different stream costs throughout the working day and evening.


Axial flowmeters have a turbine or rotor that rotates all around the axis of circulation, that’s why the title. These meters are largely used for measuring the stream of petroleum merchandise, industrial liquids, and gases. Dependent on the compound for which they are utilized, axial stream meters have different designs for liquids and gases.

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