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The realme 5 pro has been introduced by the well known manufacturer, Sony Ericsson. Although the company has already launched the amazingly successful RealTalk 3G phone, the RealMe 5 pro is the next best thing that the company has to offer to its mobile lovers. This product offers the same high quality service as the superior RealTalk 3G yet at much cheaper rates. If you are looking for a mobile phone that will fulfill all your communication needs, the phone that I am recommending to you is the RealMe 5. In fact, I am sure that you won’t be able to find a Mobile phone which can offer you such high-quality sound and video calling, amazing web browsing experience, impressive picture quality and many more features at half the cost of the real deal.

The advanced RealMe 5 pro comes with a beautiful LCD display, an 8 mega-ixels camera on back, a memory card reader, a USB port, a vibrator, and a secondary flash drive. The RealMe 5 pro comes with a unique dual screen technology, where the secondary display of the phone features the usual information like the time, date, dial number, your email and so on. On the other screen, you can use your finger to tap the desired information. That is not all; if you want to check out your phonebook, you can do so as well. So if you want to view all your incoming calls, texts and emails on your wrist, this is exactly what you need.

The RealMe 5 pro has a unique and advanced built in camera which makes it a class apart from the crowd. The camera has a built in screen which lets you view the photos and videos directly from your wrist. The photos and videos can be viewed on a large colourful LCD display or a small, high definition, LED ticker. If you have always wanted to take photos and video with your new smartphone, then you don’t have to wait for the right moment. The realme 5 pro is ready to capture even the littlest of details.

As this smartphone has a high pixel camera, you will be able to take great pictures. However, if you have a tendency to take zoomed images or shots that are far from large, you will not have a problem with the resolution of the realme 5 pro. This phone gives you excellent video quality as well. You can get the quality you desire and still have plenty of storage space left. The data plan of this smartphone allows you to store plenty of movies and videos. You can even stream the movies and show them to your friends without any hassle.

If you want to edit and manage your shots, the touch screen of the realme 5 pro is your best ally. The two cameras – the front and rear cameras of this smartphone are touch sensitive, which makes it extremely easy to use and manipulate your photographs. It has an amazing 24 mega-apixel resolution sensor with a laser autofocus. With this powerful camera, you are assured of a great image.

The charging system of the realme 5 pro is very advanced and does not resemble the one you see in cell phones. You do not have to deal with using complex and confusing cords or chargers. The charging unit itself utilizes micro USB technology to make it very convenient and quick to charge the mobile. No more messing around with cluttered chargers or cables anymore.

You will also like the large memory of this smartphone. If you are looking for a phone that offers you plenty of storage space, the realme 5 pro is perfect for you. realme 5 pro There are plenty of apps you can download for free on this Android gadget, including music players, messaging apps and many others. Even if you are not fond of downloading apps, the high quality cameras present in this smartphone will more than suffice for your professional needs. The rear and front cameras offer you clear pictures with excellent clarity. You can get great first impressions of people around you by taking quality photographs with this realme 5 pro.

The realme 5 pro has received positive reviews from satisfied customers. This is because this smartphone does everything that they expect from a smartphone in terms of performance. You can buy this product either from the white realme 5 pro or black color. It is available at an affordable price and can be easily purchased from online stores. To get to know more about the realme 5 pro, go through the contents of this review, get a clear picture about this unique smartphone and make your selection now.

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