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Summer attracts advent fun since it is a time for taking on adventures with family and friends. Adventure means travelling and spending most of the time in the vehicle. Driving is fun but it also poses a great risk to people’s lives. Many deaths have been due to car accidents and the National Safety Council, in 2015, ranked Florida third in national mortality. As scary as it sounds, we can’t resist an adventure, especially when it is about visiting Miami, FL. The golden rule is to protect yourself and the ones you love while on the road. On your journey to Discover Miami FL, you need to keep safe and keep in mind the top three causes of car accidents.

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  1. Careless Driving

Do you text while on the wheel? Many of us are guilty as charged and take this act as a norm yet texting can cause a very huge burden. When texting, you focus on the phone and this leads to staggering. To avoid destructing yourself when driving, you should put your phone away so that you do not get tempted to get your eye off the road even for a second.

  1. Drunken Driving

Although legal consequences have increased awareness on the dangers of driving while drunk, drunken driving is still among the major causes of fatal road accidents in Miami. One of the measures that have been put in place to reduce drunken driving is making public transport available in Miami. There is Uber and Lyft so there is no excuse for driving while drunk. You can enjoy your night while being sure that you will have a safe ride home.

  1. Weather

Miami experiences extreme weather like too much rain. Unfortunately many ignore the power of Mother Nature and keep driving when the weather is unfavourable. Heavy rains, fog, and snow makes the road slippery and inhibits clear vision. Driving in such conditions increases the likelihood for car crashes to occur. Know your limits and the limits of your vehicle when driving in such weather; if it gets too much, postpone your journey.

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